World EXPO2017 in Astana. A large-scale multimedia show.

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May 17, 2018
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The EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition dedicated to Future Energy opened in Astana with a magnificent light and multimedia show.

A large-scale multimedia show on the occasion of the opening of the Expo, implemented by Star Project, was struck by its technical and artistic solutions.
The company Dream Laser was responsible for the entire video engineering of the project.
– More than a month of preparation, technical rehearsals / blending of projection equipment / alignment / programming …
– 4 media servers d3 4 * 4
– Intelligent Tracking System BlackTrax, capture of 24 moving mapping objects.
– 47 video projectors.

“This is a new achievement in the promotion of our country and Kazakhstan’s national brand in the international arena”.

Performances were given simultaneously at several venues of EXPO-2017. In the Congress Hall, participants and visitors of the Exhibition were offered an opportunity to immerse themselves in an innovative theatrical performance, travel across the Solar System and witness the birth of the Universe. The scriptwriters sought to represent all types of energy on stage, focusing on unity between humankind and nature.

Over 300 performers were involved in this large-scale performance. Its highlights included a “ballet” of drones. The climax of the ceremony was a performance by a world-famous opera singer Maria Mudryak. She astonished the audience with her beautiful voice as she sang a folk song titled Yapyray. The lyrical masterpiece reflecting the richness and variety of Kazakh culture was accompanied by a spectacular show dedicated to the energy of wind.

The opening ceremony continued in the EXPO-2017 Amphitheater, where melodies from all continents helped the audience imagine that they were travelling around the world. These included traditional Kazakh Küy, the rhythms of sunny Africa, enchanting melodies of South America, Australia and Oceania and even chilling but beautiful sounds of the remote Antarctica.

The climactic moment was a 15-minute video projection, light and laser show on the surface of the world’s largest spherical building, the NurAlem pavilion.

The opening ceremony concluded with fascinating fireworks which imitated water, fire and wind.

Check the stunning Live streaming of the Opening Ceremony Expo 2017:

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