What videos should make a brand to effectively reach its audience?

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What videos should make a brand to effectively reach its audience?

The key to successful content marketing is being able to deliver the right content at the right time. Video content, as the star element of content marketing, does not escape this reality. Your marketing goals should drive the types of videos you create and when you deliver them to your audience. By knowing what creative marketing videos you can produce, you can choose the story you want to tell and make an informed decision on how to tell it. This will help you optimize your marketing campaigns for the stories, formats and platforms that work best for your brand, as as we have said before, it is not about publishing whatever it is, there must be a content strategy for networks .

It is a mistake to produce marketing videos that only promote your product. While data shows that branded video is a powerful sales tool, you must first grab your customers’ attention by delivering some value. You should try to produce video content that does not interrupt the viewer’s experience on the platform that is viewing it. Your videos should also tell a strong and interesting story, which provides some kind of value to the viewer. This value can be a number of things, from entertainment to education, to access to a special event. Viewers want to share and interact with brands that create high-quality, useful video content. Start bringing value and entertainment to your audience and you will see a difference in your audience response.

Here is a list of ideas for your brand’s videos that can guide you on the path of generating video content that delivers some value to your audience and consequently engages your audience with your brand.

Ideas that add value to your audience

The comedy

Laughing at yourself is something that keeps attracting the audience. A humorous look at your company or product. Let your creativity shine with these types of videos. Produced almost entirely for entertainment value and brand awareness, creative marketing comic videos are only limited by your imagination (and budget). Here is an example of a video of the Tesla brand and its Model S:

Corporate comedy

Always remember that audiences today can choose what to watch, when to watch … and what NOT to watch … that means that corporate videos cannot afford to be stuffy and boring, unless you want to lose their money. Produce creative marketing videos where you talk about your brand as a business without being boring or overly professional. In the following example “Our Blades are F *** ing Great,” Dollar Shave Club nails the corporate video with humor that borders on the absurd. Their growth skyrocketed after they started shooting videos like this, so Unilever got involved and ended up acquiring the brand.

The parody

Investing in the production of these types of videos has a good chance of achieving a good result to connect with your audience. Like the previous two examples humor comes to the rescue. In the next example we will show an example with Diet Coke.

The 360 ° video

At the forefront of creative marketing videos, 360 ° is a fun way to experiment and explore new types of content. The most effective 360 ° videos give viewers access to new and exciting places that they might not otherwise see. Also remember that these types of videos are compatible to watch normally (with the observation angle adjustment controls) or with virtual reality (VR) lenses that take it to another level. Here an example from the famous Go-pro brand.

The testimonial

They may not be the most creative marketing videos, but testimonials are essential to prove that your product is effective. Usually shot with one person speaking directly to the camera, they really work. Consumers have the same confidence in online reviews as in personal recommendations. Combined with visual reinforcement, social proof can have a tremendous effect on potential customers, taking them further down the sales funnel.

However, the key to a good testimonial video is to make it feel authentic. It can’t seem forced, posed, or overly polished, so don’t use an actor or script. We recommend the use of mobile phones to give more authenticity to the testimony.

Find a customer who truly believes in your product and interview them. Ask them questions about the features and benefits of your product so it’s not a generic compliment.
With testimonial videos, you want to be authentic. Be very human. This will help you build a real connection with your potential customers. Encourage your customers to give you real answers and use their own words.

The Case Study

A case study is similar to a testimonial, but it should expose your clients’ challenges and how you provided a solution. They allow potential customers to place themselves in the place of a consumer of a product or service without risk. Case studies can be fun, serious, or lighthearted, but be sure to express your brand voice while remaining authentic to the customer.

Slack’s case study of its client, Sandwich Video Inc, is a perfect example of how creative marketing videos can make an impression.

The unboxing video

Product unboxing videos were extremely popular on YouTube and continue to interest viewers today. If you haven’t seen them before, unboxing videos usually show a person unwrapping a new product from its box and showing what’s inside.

While most of the unboxing videos are made by users reviewing the product. Also, brands tend to send a product to an influencer with an appreciable number of followers in the target market.

The short documentary

Short documentaries can delve into authentic and true stories of your clients while connecting on an emotional level with your audience. These creative marketing videos shouldn’t sell or focus entirely on your brand, but instead should tell a powerful and inspiring story. This type of video content is generally intended to promote brand awareness rather than move customers down the consumer funnel of your product or service. Regardless of the tone you decide to adopt, branded short documentaries should feel authentic and personal.

In 2013, Google Maps published an incredible true story about one of its users. Not only was it impressive, it demonstrated the enormous impact your product could have on people’s lives. In “Homeward Bound,” we learn how an Indian boy separated from her family at age five uses Google Earth years later to retrace her journey and reunite with them. As Demo Duck puts it, “There are companies that are taking the concept of video marketing to new heights. These brands are creating documentaries, works of art and narratives that inspire the imagination. And this video from Google Maps certainly qualifies them to be called one of those brands.

The product video

Product videos tend to be a bit more detailed and technical than how-to videos. They are good for when your business sells multiple products or wants to show the product to potential buyers. These videos should be detailed and show exactly how the products or services work and their specific characteristics. However, this does not mean that they have to be too complicated. Sometimes a simple demo works better.

Here is an excellent example of the Canon brand.

The explanatory video.

Unless your product or brand is self-explanatory, an explainer video is one of the most important types of videos you can create. These creative marketing videos are high-quality productions that explain what your product is and how to use it. They usually last less than two or three minutes.

Another important benefit of an explainer video that is rarely talked about is SEO. According to Small Business Trends, “Google loves video content and an effective video marketing campaign must take into account search engine optimization (SEO). To ensure maximum SEO value from your videos, accompany the video with a well-written description that is tagged with relevant keywords to help drive the video’s SEO. “Since an explainer video is about your company, products, or service, it’s a great place to optimize for SEO.

The history of the origin of the company or brand

Telling the story about your company and how it was founded is very helpful. A brand origin story can be similar to a short document, except that it should focus on your business narrative. Your brand origin story can include archived photos or videos, interviews with the founders or executives. If these types of videos are made in an entertaining way, they can reach a large audience.

The tutorial

Tech brands most often use a tutorial, or demo video, and it can be as simple as a recorded screencast, showing you how to use your product step by step. Of course, if it is a video with a very good production, it will be contributing to the projection of your brand and the perception that the audience has about your products and services. While these are not the most creative marketing videos, they are an important asset in teaching the ins and outs of your product.

If you are convinced that producing a good commercial for social media, VOD or TV helps your brand reach your audience and increase sales, then we can help. Professionally producing a commercial for your brand is inexpensive. See the solution in the following link:

The FAQ video

Instead of having a written FAQ section on your site, add some entertaining videos! FAQ videos are a creative way to answer common questions about your product and offer mini demos of your product or service in action.

The company culture video

These creative marketing videos show your team and your brand on the inside. An intimate look inside your company that is increasingly demanded by contemporary consumers, who usually support with their purchase products that are aligned with their convictions, culture and ways of approaching life.

The product trailer

The trailer is a trailer video, it is similar to a movie trailer. You use it to promote an upcoming product launch or the launch of a series of products. Here we advise you that the quality and spectacularity of the production are optimal, since the first look at a product is of the utmost importance. The audience should be wanting more information, and the Wao factor is of the utmost importance.

The video of the event

Whether you need to promote or recap an event for your audience, a video of the event is a great way to do it. These videos can be made to sell tickets, build anticipation, or show viewers what they missed.

In relation to this type of videos we must pay special attention to the Apple brand and its events, popularized since the late Steve Jobs was its CEO.

The Webinar

Content that you only use once is wasted. A video webinar allows you to take advantage of written content or you can produce derived content from it. Also, unlike a lot of video content, it takes viewers straight into the sales funnel by requiring potential customers to sign up in advance.

The Livestream

If you are hosting an event, tutorial, or providing behind-the-scenes access and want your audience to be able to attend virtually, live video is the way to go. Also, it is simple. It doesn’t require a big budget (unless you’re hiring a high-quality live streaming company), post-production, or expensive camera gear. You can go live on almost any social platform right from your smartphone.

The DIY or Tips series

DIY videos (perfect for home or lifestyle brands) or tip series are the perfect type of video content to deliver ongoing value to your audience.

The creative and production team at BSO Multimedia can help you and your brand to professionally explore the development of quality content that helps to effectively project your brand in a target market.