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bsomultimedia.com has developed for you the Virtual Production Suite, a set of Internet cutting-edge tools, to allow you to interact and be present in the creative process involved in the making of yours projects and campaigns. The Virtual Production Suite is a new tool that will allow you to be present in the development of your projects or campaigns along side with all our creative team, without leaving your home or office. You will have at your disposal, in real time, all the services of the bsomultimedia.com facilities, studios and creative team.
See the Virtual Production Suite in action in this video and evaluate the power of having the best creative talents where you are.
The Virtual Production Suite is a system that integrates, in real time, your project with your team or staff and the bsomultimedia.com team. You will be able to make inquiries regarding budgets, give feedback and interact in the production sessions, monitor the status of your project, read and see information related to the production of your project (ideas, reports, texts, scripts, graphics,videos, images, direct audios, voice over, etc.), at any given moment 24/7. All this, using computer security systems that guarantee the confidentiality of your project, throughout the work process.
Through the Virtual Production Suite you will have at the tip of your fingers a combined experience of creative writers, directors and film producers, animators, illustrators, art directors, photographers, composers and music producers, sound engineers, voice over talents and actors, media specialists, web designers and programmers, specialists in internet marketing and social networking for your brand.
bsomultimedia.com the multicultural multimedia artist network for your brand communications.
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