TRACK is a multimedia web experience with three.js library.

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July 17, 2018
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July 31, 2018
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TRACK is a multimedia web experience with three.js library.

TRACK is a multimedia web project developed with the three.js programing library.

Three.js is a js extention library allows the creation of Graphical Processing Unit (GPU)-accelerated 3D animations using the JavaScript language as part of a website without relying on proprietary browser plugins. This is possible due to the advent of WebGL.

High-level libraries such as Three.js or GLGE, SceneJS, PhiloGL or a number of other libraries make it possible to author complex 3D computer animations that display in the browser without the effort required for a traditional standalone application or a plugin.

Track is a sample of the evolution of web programming with user ergonomics in mind. No need for additional programs or plugins you can experience virtual reality (VR) on a computer or on a phone, especially if you have a virtual reality headset available.

Click on the link below and enjoy, add volume to your device and make movements (with your mouse or your device) and interact with this reality.