Some Tips for Brand Management and the general interest of the consumer to be more respectful of the environment.

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July 27, 2018
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July 31, 2018
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Obviously brand management has changed a fair amount in recent years, in response to changes in consumers and the culture at large and above all for the general interest of the consumer to be more respectful of the environment.

Brand management today includes a mixing of tried and true principles and an ever-evolving adaptation to the age we live in. Here are a few reminders for managing your brand successfully today and in the times to come taking into account the interest of the market for the care of the environment..

So what will the job of the brand manager today and in the future and what factors, issues and competences will it contain? Here are 10 things you may find in every marketers’ job description in the future:

  • Must be able to have a relevant and meaningful conversation with their sustainability or CSR manager – which both understand
  • Must be familiar with concepts like lifecycle analysis, carbon or water footprinting, or eco-impact assessment
  • Will seek insights from stakeholders – NGO’s, opinion formers, thought leaders – as well as consumers or customers
  • Will have read – and can reference – their companies Sustainability or CSR report. Will know and can quote – their corporate sustainability targets
  • Will follow trends from sources like Sustainable Life Media, treehugger, Business for Social Responsibility, Ethical Corporation, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Green Futures, and Guardian Sustainable Business Network
  • Will know how to track consumer views on sustainability through appropriate market research and consumer insight
  • Can measure the environmental and societal value, as well as the brand equity value, of their recent campaign, innovation or activation
  • Will take the lead on ensuring that sustainability is a core consideration in any new product or innovation programme within the business
  • Will know how to engage peers and especially brand and marketing teams in the importance and relevance of sustainability in everyday brand management
  • Will be prepared and able to build the business case on sustainability for any cynical or unenlightened senior manager or marketing director. Remember it’s about opportunity and reward. Not risk mitigation.

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