Thrival Festival, puts multimedia technology at the limits of expression and studies the future of technology.

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Thrival explores the intersection of humans, technology, and creativity through curated programs, original content, multimedia, and an annual arts + innovation festival.

The annual Thrival Festival is composed of two events: Humans X Tech and Music X Arts (an evolution from what we used to call “Innovation + Music”).

Humans X Tech events explore the impacts of humans and technology on business, society, and culture — particularly through the lens of artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced manufacturing, and life sciences.

The 2018 theme was “LIFE.CODE,” which features a Future of Work Symposium, our LIFE.CODE Summit, and the LIFE.CODE Interactive Experience. Humans X Tech events was hosted at venues in Pittsburgh’s East End. (September 19, 2018).

Music X Arts focuses on shared experience, with an emphasis on live music of all genres, interactive art and technology, and community gathering. Each year, Thrival experiments with different lineups, and have featured headliners ranging from rock, to EDM, to hip-hop, and more.

Recent research studies indicate that over 400 million workers will be displaced by the year 2030. In many respects, this displacement will impact what most people do for a living. But job automation and worker displacement are just two components of an extremely complex challenge (and opportunity). Let’s work together to chart a better future of work.

Veserium – A Journey Through Time (Live at Thrival Festival 2018).

The performance of “A Journey Through Time” and a snippet of the “Wolves” remix at the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre in Pittsburgh.

VESERIUM is an electronic music duo that is pioneering a new wave in electronic music. The duo uses Tone Sculptor technology to create sound from thin air, using only motions and gestures. Fans experience their music on an entirely different level, being able to see and hear the sounds as they are being created. Using their technology, Veserium is breathing a human element into EDM and pioneering a distinctly expressive sound filled with aggressive basslines and virtuosic melodies. Veserium consists of former engineers Ray Li and Michael Ndubuisi who, unsatisfied with available performance technology, decided to create their own. By combining creativity and engineering, they are crafting sounds which have never been heard before, and as a result, re-engineering the DNA of electronic music.


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