The best commercials

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May 22, 2021
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May 26, 2021
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The best commercials

At BSO Multimedia we always recommend that creativity is the key to directing the Advertising and communication initiatives of a brand. We will never be promoters of a brand copying what another brand does ... "because it worked" ... since that is how the effectiveness of advertising for a brand "does not work".

However, we believe that language and aesthetics in brand communications are in permanent evolution ... in continuous mutation, just like the human being. And they are a permanent manifestation of the changes in popular culture and aesthetic values ​​of an era. Being aware of what is happening in the world in relation to how brands are communicating is tremendously useful for anyone who has a mission to communicate. In any context.

For this reason, we share with you a selection of the best commercials of the month that we have found most interesting to share with you.

Pocari Sweat - "But I Saw You" ft. Nakajima Sena

The TV Advert titled But I Saw You was done by Dentsu advertising agency, directed by Show Yanagisawa for Pocari Sweat in Japan. It was released in the April 2021.

2021 LG OLED evo l Light up your world.

The TV Advert titled Light Up Your World was done by The & Partnership advertising agency, directed by Sam Brown for LG in United Kingdom. It was released in the March 2021.
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AT&T - Fumble.

The TV Advert titled Fumble was done by Tbwa advertising agency, directed by Kim Gehrig for AT&T in United States. It was released in the March 2021.