Steve Jobs… a great Storytelling

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Since Steve Jobs announced in 2007 the launch of the iPhone, whose presentation was full of storytelling, it has been more than clear to everyone that Apple was more than a computer company. It is a moment that undoubtedly gives you goosebumps when you see it. Enjoy this masterful display of good storytelling:

There is a reason that people sleep on the streets to stand in line and get the latest iPhone model when it goes on sale. When launching the iPhone it was up to Steve Jobs to tell the best story about his product and he did.

The brand has generated a large group of fans, who have become brand ambassadors. People are excited to talk about their new iPhone or their new iPad, and that’s because Apple knows how to create stories that people want to share.

Share the keys to success of this campaign on your brand:

1. Put your audience first and your product later
Engage your audience first, make them fall in love with your brand, inspire them, involve them with your mission and essence. Once you have done that, enter your product later. Also, if you show how your consumer benefits from successfully using your product, others will want to be part of that special community that benefits from what you offer them.

2. Create suspense
The brand already had a track record of presenting products based on superior design and a good user experience for its consumers. However, when he released the iPhone, no one expected it. Steve Jobs begins his presentation by creating suspense, a formula so successful that even today the brand generates the same phenomenon among its users.

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