Relevance is key for a sales funnel to work

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February 12, 2021
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Relevance is key for a sales funnel to work

In previous articles (see link below clicking in the photo) we have talked about relevance. We emphasize that it is the key to effective advertising. Why? Because if something is relevant to a person or a group of people, they will not stop to think whether it is advertising or not, with relevance the boundaries between useful information and advertising are blurred, since advertising is to inform that something relevant it exists for a person who has a “need” for “it.”

Need? Yes… ..need.

This is a very deep and even philosophical topic that we will surely study in detail in another article … but we really like Wikipedia’s definition of “NEED”:

Necessity is the state of lack of an element, and its achievement is essential to live in a state of full well-being, be it physical or spiritual. “Needs” differ from “wants” in that failure to satisfy them produces obvious negative results.

There is a utilitarian approach within the concept of “need” that is not related to the object but to the perception of the subject. As many of our clients already know, we always prefer a bright and positive approach to marketing and sales, in which a product or service helps produce well-being. That is why we do not accept to work for all types of products, for us it is essential to take into account the ethical aspect of advertising… .but that is another issue…. Let’s not deviate.

The relevance and design of sales funnels.

Inbound marketing is an effective model that helps us understand how the consumption of products and services operates. One of the great advantages of this work model, operated on the technology available today is the “hyper-segmentation” that we can make of the target market and the possibility of identifying the correct audience, all this in order to be able to be “relevant ”my advertising message and my sales actions.

The need for brands to be “relevant” to a market segment forces them to have “empathy” with their target market and make efforts to understand them deeply. It is for this reason that the term “insight” in marketing is not just another word, it is a word that involves essential study processes for a brand and its marketing initiatives to be “relevant” to the target audience.

The advantages of applying “insights” techniques in marketing strategies is that it enables us to understand our target audience, complete our product or service, adding the demands and needs that the user had previously hidden and that we were unaware of, as well as (the most important for the money involved) optimizing our strategy and brand positioning initiatives in the target market (or speaking clearly, lowering customer acquisition cost) in order to be “relevant” to that market.

In the place, in the moment and with the opportune information.

The top of the optimization of a campaign is to be in the right place, at the right time and with the right information … at that moment the conversion occurs in a fluid way, because it is the moment of “greatest relevance”, the moment of the truth.

There are other cases, and it depends a lot on the type of product or service, where the consumer needs to have a process of approach, study and advice to carry out the consumption … during this time the brand MUST remain pulsing, alive, emanating useful messages, providing relevant information and permanently, be available with any doubt to occupy a place in consumer preferences.

This “relevant” information is no longer “advertising” and becomes useful information for decision making. This relevance is not only applied to products such as cars, houses, air transport, health services,… it is applicable to all types of products and services, since what is “relevant” for one human group may not be relevant for another.

Current technology allows us to be relevant while minimizing risks.

We have always considered that advertising investment is exactly the same as any type of investment, it has its risks, and the only way to minimize risks is by managing the available information and using the knowledge to assimilate the information and incorporate it into a strategy.

At present, data science and the availability of statistical measurements of absolutely all the human phenomena that surround us, in many cases in real time, allow us to carry out analysis processes so that brands can have empathy with their target market, understand it , in order to arrive with the right message, the right product and at the right time to be “relevant” and thus optimize investment and customer acquisition cost. The relevance is savings for the company but also for the client who found the “solution” to a “need” at a lower cost / effort. That’s what it’s about.

30 years ago, making relevant advertising was very difficult, especially making use of the mass media, since the level of specificity of the public was low, therefore the cost of customer acquisition was very high. Nowadays, with the menu of options that exists for the publication of campaigns in the markets, it is possible to hyper-atomize the audience to a level never before thought, even allowing experimentation at low cost (risk) to optimize the messages and optimize campaigns to be more efficient in order to be able to reach increasingly “relevant” messages, at the right moment, and to the right audience. The consequence of getting it right is that customer acquisition costs go down.

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