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We will offer guidance not only as a technician, but as a creative. You will have access to reach us at any time with thoughts, ideas and questions. We are your creative team!

Where can you use your animated logo?
- App Intro.
- Logo Reveal.
- Company Presentation.
- Youtube.
- Websites.
- Films.
- Social Media.
- Promo Video.


1How is a BASIC animation?
Here are simpler animations, where it takes less time to do. It is usually the logo being formed by lines, or being written, or all elements of the logo appearing separately. For this animation storyboarding is not necessary.
2How is a STANDARD animation?
Here the animations are a little more complex, where it requires that script and storyboard be created. They are usually animations where you have some animated element before the formation of the logo.
3How is a PREMIUM animation?
For this more complex animation, it is where more animated elements appear according to the concept of the brand. Usually they are animations that need to tell a bigger story, the logo soon turns into animated elements, more than once.
4Do you also do the audio of the animation, with sound effects and background music?
Our PREMIUM pack have music and sound effects included. With regards to audio in BASIC or STANDARD pack, I have 3 options: 1 - Only sound effects on movements add US$ 80. 2- Only background music add US$ 80. 3 - Mix with background music and sound effects add US$ 150.
5I don't have a vector logo, can you work with JPG or PNG files?
We can recreate your logo in vector format from any picture if they are clear for additional 50 USD.
6Can I get a GIF file?
Sure! We also deliver you a gif file of your logo animation!
7Can you deliver in other video formats?
Yes, We can deliver in any format you prefer, please let know us what you need!
8Do you do it at higher resolutions, like 4k or 8k?
Yes, I can, but this has an additional cost of US$ 80 for 4k and US$ 140 for 8k.