Porsche Macan: 3D Mapping & Dance Performance

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February 3, 2017
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February 6, 2017
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Sila Sveta produced a dynamic performance for the Russian premiere of a brand new Porsche Macan. The show combined live dancers, their projected copies and industrial motion graphics on the central podium and the side screens. The projected cube was lifted at the end of the performance to reveal the new model to the audience.

Producers: Alexander Us, Alexey Rozov
Screenplay: Alexander Us, Denis Bashev
Creative Director: Alexander Us
Art Director: Ilya Balakin
Production Director: Denis Astakhov
Project Manager: Ekaterina Rezvova
Supervisors: Alexey Churochkin, Denis Astakhov
Motion Designers: Denis Sidorenko, Alexey Churochkin, Andrey Korovkin, Konstantin Shun, Oleg Barankin, Vitaliy Babich, Irina Ershova
Projection Mapping: Dmitry Napolnov, Denis Akopov, Maksim Tulin
Technical Production: Mursal Mamedov, Mikhail Portnov, Fedo Selin, Dmitry Petrov
Music & Sound Design: Vasily Filatov

From: Youtube

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