Patrick Dufour: Make ideas happen…Think outside the box :)

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March 15, 2021
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March 16, 2021
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Patrick Dufour: Make ideas happen…Think outside the box :)

In the early 1990s, Patrick Dufour thought of an invention: coloured shaving foam/cream, orange, yellow, green, purple, etc…Patrick eventually registered this idea in 2008 with the B.O.I.P (Benelux Office for Intellectual Property). Patrick recently discovered that a similar product, but somewhat different was created in 2013. That´s why Patrick thought that it was high time to publicly expose his versión.

And now Patrick has a very special challenge for all designers. Normally, a product attracts publicity. Patrick tries the opposite: advertising that leads to the real creation of the imagined virtual object. How? By summoning the designers to make their proposals and obtain in Behance publicity making the designs public (through appreciations) estimates that a company in the field will end up seeing this product, and interested in its potential, will manufacture it. So, a utopia? Many projects started with a utopia in mind.

Here what the Behance platform designers was do.

Enrique Gulin – Nicolas Pirotte – Patrick Dufour
ADAM 001
Alexandr Kaliberda
Alexis Persani
Alice Lin
Aliz Fernandez
Andrea de Santis
Andreea Niculae
Andrey Tayarko
Andriy Zholudyev
Ceci Lam
Chiara Vercesi
D 2311
Dennis Wunsch
Dmitriy Pogorelov
Eric Gonzalez
Evgeny Viitman
Juan Diaz Faes
Juan Hernaz
Knysh Ksenya
Kuocheng Liao
Leslie G. Hunt
Letizia Depedri
Lucas Suancha
Mark Oliver
Marta Rojas
Masha Dudar
Mat Szulik
Michael Crampton
Murat Miroglu
Nicolas Gazut
Nicoletta Pagano
Paolo Beghini
Pasha Bumazhniy
Patrick Seymour
Pavan Rajurkar
Penko Gelev
Reno Nogaj
Stas Santimov
Sunga Park
Sungsub Kim
Tano Bonfanti
Tianhua Mao
Tolga Girgin
Tomas Brechler
Umberto Daina
Umo Masada
Victor Bregante
Vladimir Stankovic
Yao Yu