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November 10, 2016
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November 11, 2016
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This great trend speaks of being a relevant brand is not so important to be everywhere, but to be in new channels, unexpected channels and especially where they are needed. To put land in the middle with the competition will have to explore new formulas of communication rather than continue to push in the usual.

Data collection and the generation of new experiences that integrate the promotion of a product and / or service within a single strategy are now in the ascendant.
This strategy must be connected to all the points of contact where the consumers of the brand has presence.

Through technological developments, brands aim to impact users with the same message in the online and offline world; Creating new experiences that lead to brand building in the consumer’s memory.

The new communication strategies, take actions that allow the collection of data on the web and then transfer the experience to the reality and need of the target audience.

In this sense, the concept of omnicanality is constructed based on the needs of the user in the offline world.

In order to take the first step in an omnicanal strategy, it is necessary to start with the following hypotheses: What do the users do? How do they do that? At what time of day do they do it?

In this way, through the user’s behavior in everyday life, the brand’s sales opportunities are detected, replicating them in the digital world.

Remember, the omnicanality is based on the correct reading of the daily life of the consumer.


  • Durex on French: A bot on Twitter was looking for Twitter users with a broken heart and encouraged them to keep going.

  • Domino’s Anywhere: Ask for a pizza just by using the pizza emoji on Twitter or saying “Dom” to Siri. Useful, and the sense of utility that a brand generates in its audience is directly proportional to the relevance of this in the market.


  • Starbucks: It is a brand that developed its strategy of omnicanality in a very coherent and correct way. With the creation of its mobile application has managed to complement its physical business and enhance interaction with the marca.La app allows to accumulate and redeem prizes, find outlets and know the latest news and promotions. Also, pay with the mobile, check the points, recharge the card, view the transaction history and transfer money to other devices. In some cities, you can even order and pick it up later!



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