Nike uses storytelling to show that the impossible can be achieved

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February 26, 2020
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Nike uses storytelling to show that the impossible can be achieved

Nike, the world-renowned sports brand, has understood and used the power of good storytelling for longer than people have been on the Internet. In 1999, he launched a one-minute commercial to commemorate the career of renowned basketball player Michael Jordan.

Despite being created by the brand, there is no mention of it except for the appearance of its slogan “Just do it” and its logo on a photograph of the player’s school at the end of the commercial.

It was a different commercial in its time, in which the majority was focused on selling. But Nike knew that an authentic story helps build a brand and makes a company sell more products in the long term.

Generally, everything Nike does is accompanied by a story and the NIKE website show it.

Their new product launches typically consist of a story rather than a press release. For example, THE nike collection Fearless Ones is full of phrases and a vision well anchored.

For Nike, everyone has a voice, and everyone has a story to tell. Therefore, the brand not only tells its story but that of others. The campaign Equality, for example, celebrate differences and inspire change through the power of sport.

Share the keys to success of these campaigns in your brand:

1. Make your audience dream

Nike uses storytelling to make its audience dream and show that it can achieve the impossible. Invite athletes such as Serena Williams, Tiger Woods and Cristiano Ronaldo, who remember that they are only people who have “done it” and are not superheroes. You can use that message, even if your budget still doesn’t include celebrities.

2. Choose the most personal side

A common feature of brands that have made history with storytelling is to integrate personal experiences. With this they succeed because they make them a great engagement tool.