June 21, 2021

Video storytelling / An interview with a Multimedia Designer.

Erika Di Rocco, Sr. Multimedia Designer, shares her vision of what creativity and a right video strategy can do to make a brand stand out in an information crowded market.
June 7, 2021
marketing interactive videos and their usefulness

What are marketing interactive videos and what is their usefulness?

You are already well known for all the benefits of using video marketing to reach your audience with your brand. Now imagine using your creative thinking skills to make an interactive video so that you can reach your audience to project your brand. That is already possible! Traditional linear video has dominated this medium for a long time, since the first cinematographic projections of the early 20th century. What is an interactive video? Interactive video allows you to offer an interactive experience to viewers by essentially giving them the opportunity to choose how the story that is being told unfolds, which allows you to customize how your brand relates to the viewer according to their tastes and decisions...
May 26, 2021

What are brand assets? Why are they essential?

A brand allows INDIVIDUATION , which is the phenomenon that occurs when we are able to identify one thing as opposed to other things. A brand must provide recognition. Just by looking at it, people realize that it is you and no one else. And the desirable thing is that it also contributes an association with attributes. In this way, a brand can become an umbrella that shelters and accompanies all the products and / or services of a company during its life cycle. Designing a successful brand identity requires continuous work and collaboration, as it is not susceptible to being static. You should also know that like people, brands change. Yes, consistency over time is desirable, but there must also be mechanisms to determine when it is time to review brand assets, for your next evolutionary step, in your constant communication with your audience.
May 25, 2021

The best commercials of April 2021

At BSO Multimedia we always recommend that creativity is the key to directing the Advertising and communication initiatives of a brand. We will never be promoters of a brand copying what another brand does ... "because it worked" ... since that is how the effectiveness of advertising for a brand "does not work". However, we believe that language and aesthetics in brand communications are in permanent evolution ... in continuous mutation, just like the human being. And they are a permanent manifestation of the changes in popular culture and aesthetic values ​​of an era. Being aware of what is happening in the world in relation to how brands are communicating is tremendously useful for anyone who has a mission to communicate. In any context. For this reason, we share with you a selection of the best commercials of the month that we have found most interesting to share with you.
May 22, 2021

Create your own choreography, with the help of machine learning and image processing.

What happens when you combine artificial intelligence with the archive of an award-winning choreographer? Google Arts & Culture Lab collaborated with Wayne McGregor to turn his archive into a creative tool using machine learning. Now anyone, anywhere, can be inspired by McGregor’s work to create their own dance piece. Are you feeling adventurous? Strike a pose with your camera to find your closest match in the archive here.
May 19, 2021

Creativity & The Future of Brand Advertising.

We live in an on-demand, interactive world where consumers are now more in control of their content experience. This interesting video explore the future of advertising and the role brands, agencies and publishers can play in evolving modern day media and storytelling through advertising whereby the message actually reflects - and is delivered by - the right medium.
May 17, 2021

The key to effective advertising is the relevance.

Something that is relevant for me, for you, for us is that which comes to meet a need of any nature, that which clarifies a doubt, that which solves a problem, that which provides a desired benefit or that which is empowering in a wanted way. If something has relevance to a person or a group of people, they will not stop to think if it is advertising or not, since advertising is simply informing that something relevant exists. If the relevant exists then the activation to the consumption of that relevant (be it a product or a service) is a fact. Relevant ads get three times the attention of the average ad.
May 13, 2021

Internet Trends, from April 12 to May 12, 2021

Find out about the most important Internet search trends in the major markets in North America, Latin America and Europe. The information will be useful to understand the search trends of each country and link the ranking results with the main events that occurred in the study period (specified below on the left). INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: For each country you will find two tables, the first for the ranking of topics and the second for the ranking of queries. Each box has a menu on the right (at the three points), where you can sort the result of the items by "Increasing" or "Main".
May 6, 2021

Will the mass consumption of videos continue to grow?

If any marketing trend can claim to be the defining tactic of the last ten years, video is surely there. A decade ago, video was a spectacular and expensive luxury. Since then, it has become a staple, an accessible and affordable must-have to help engage audiences, explain products, and support customers.