Multimedia show for Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbase launch event in China.

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June 11, 2018
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June 13, 2018
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Auditoire Agency and Sila Sveta studio collaborated on the national Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheelbase launch event in China. Starting from February 2016 the two creative teams developed the whole event concept together.

The main focus of our studio was on the projection show. However, the overall intention for the organizers was to make a smooth and borderless experience for each guest during the event. Following the “Intelligent Event” concept, Sila Sveta designed immersive projection graphics for the 40-meter panoramic setup.

The studio produced an opening show in stereo, a dynamic show on a kinetic stage for the reveal moment, interactive video presentations, product talks and many more.

The premiere in Beijing was the first one in a series of events, which were later held in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. Event concept, production and management: Auditoire Event and show concept, content production: Sila Sveta Producers: Alexander Us, Alexey Rozov, Denis Astakhov Sila Sveta Project Team: Art Director: Alexander Pogrebetsky Project Manager: Nelly Astakhova Supervisors: Vladislav Kiselev, Denis Astakhov, Ekaterina Pinaeva Production Director: Vadim Vinogorov Concept Artists: Polina Sukhanova, Tatyana Kazakova, Ekaterina Konovalova, Ekaterina Korshunova, Darya Shurkina, Yakov Nechushkin CG Artists: Alexander Pogrebetsky, Maxim Bitiukov, Andrey Korovkin, Philat Matveev, Sergey Akulyonok, Alexander Varlamov, Zoya Kharakoz, Anton Haikov, Anton Nguyen, Vladislav Kiselev, Pavel Bardin, Aleksandr Frolkov, Maksim Romantsov, Ruslan Harisov, Egor Antonov, Eugene Shkolny, Sergey Zavyalov, Dmitry Kang, Fedor Novikov, Petr Shkolny, Andrey Silvanovich, Arthur Olizarovich, Anton Zhivago Sila Sveta Creative Concept Team: Creative Director: Victor Lander Design Director: Ilya Balakin Project Manager: Ekaterina Rezvova Music & sound design: Monoleak Filming & Editing: Evgeny Arkhipov.

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