What are marketing interactive videos and what is their usefulness?

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May 26, 2021
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What are marketing interactive videos and what is their usefulness?

marketing interactive videos and their usefulness

marketing interactive videos and their usefulness

You are already well known for all the benefits of using video marketing to reach your audience with your brand. Now imagine using your creative thinking skills to make an interactive video so that you can reach your audience to project your brand. That is already possible!

Traditional linear video has dominated this medium for a long time, since the first cinematographic projections of the early 20th century.

What is an interactive video?

Interactive video allows you to offer an interactive experience to viewers by essentially giving them the opportunity to choose how the story that is being told unfolds, which allows you to customize how your brand relates to the viewer according to their tastes and decisions.

In what is entertainment content, Nexflix is already broadcasting interactive content, here are some examples:

Now, can you imagine the power of this technology to adapt the way your brand relates to its audience by projecting personalized content to each viewer? Each branded video can have multiple input forms for information, multiple calls to action for different offers, and more. Very useful!

There are several ways to add interactive elements to a video. You can have a branching narrative in which the audience makes choices and sees them unfold.

What is interactive video marketing?

Developing an interactive video marketing strategy involves using interactivity to improve your video engagement.

Technology has progressed to the point of allowing us to interact with content to change it in some way, even increasing its degree of personalization. A spectator can choose a different angle to watch a concert, he can choose any characteristic of a product within the story (color, size, additional kits, uses, etc.) for example, which turns that content into something tailor-made for him. This is very different from traditional linear video which provides a more passive experience to the audience.

There are several examples of interactive video marketing approaches such as 360 degree videos, quizzes, hotspot links, data entry, and others. In all these cases, the video can request the viewer input and receive it directly from the playback window. From quizzes and contests to entertaining mini-games, interaction is an effective way to participate. End with a strong, interactive CTA, and you have an actionable brad awareness raising tool that works for your brand in the digital world.

In the following table we show the main differences between linear and interactive video:

Linear videoInteractive video
The story told is linearThe story told is not linear
Visualization is a passive processVisualization is an active process
Limited to a single call to actionAs many calls to action as you need
Little insight into viewer dataInsights from data based on viewer interactions
It allows in a very limited way to know the audienceIt allows to know the audience in a very wide way

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What are the benefits of making an interactive video for your brand?

Here we show you the main advantages of using interactive videos in your content strategy.

Much more attractive content

If you don’t give your audience any reason to engage with your content, then obviously your interactions are bound to decrease.

To reverse this trend, you must offer your audience ways to engage with your content.

Working with interactive video is a great way to take advantage of the medium’s common advantages and empower them with a new and effective appeal.

Higher participation rate

Interactive video is very popular. According to data from Rapt Media, people are 3 times more likely to interact with your content if it is an interactive video.

This also contributes to longer watch times, greater interactions, and social sharing.

Interactive video marketing allows you to increase the engagement rate of your content. This metric is important to measure the interest of your audience in what you have to say, being a number that shows how much your message matters to them.

Valuable information about data

Your content should always help you learn more about your audience. Interactive media is a great way to do this, as each interaction says something about those people’s preferences and intentions. Each video is constituted in a survey to know your audience and what are their preferences in relation to your product or service. Viewers answer questions about themselves. This data is then used to create personalized follow-up sales communications, making converting leads a much easier process than it would have been without it.

It can help you create more strategies and content pieces.

As you can extract insights from data about your audience’s interactions with your interactive video, learn from it, and use it to improve your approach to your audience and product. This, of course, requires data insights to provide value to your business.

Examples of interactive videos

Clothes call


At BSO Multimedia we believe that interactive video is the future not only of video marketing, but also of music videos and cinema, since it allows the viewer to be actively involved in the story. Additionally, if we mix interactive technology with virtual reality, the possibilities can be endless.

If you and your brand are interested in exploring the world of interactive videos we are at your service to allow you to do it successfully.

Let’s continue the adventure of communicating ideas !!!