Learning from the storytelling of the Goodlife Fitness brand

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February 24, 2020
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February 27, 2020

With more than 365 branches around Canada and the United States, the brand has shown tremendous growth since its creation in 1979. He realized that what may have worked in the past, such as aggressive sales tactics, images and videos of people with impossible bodies to have (or almost), it didn’t work anymore!

Joining an exercise program is no longer just about vanity, but about taking better care of ourselves. The brand discovered that these are the stories we want to see: normal people who make a decision, their reasons and the results of their effort.

A few years ago the brand launched its “Live Your Good Life” campaign, a series of videos lasting 15 to 30 seconds that it broadcast on radio and television:

He launched years later #SexySmartStrong, another campaign where people talk about what makes them feel attractive, intelligent and strong. It highlights people of all kinds telling their own stories:

#ChangeYourStory was the campaign that showed gym users telling how they had changed their lives for good:

The YouTube channel includes those campaigns, in addition to your employees’ profiles, recipes, questions to coaches, exercise tips and much more.

Share the keys to success of this campaign in your brand:

1. Boosts a real storytelling

Always speak honestly to your client. Real people with real stories are the kind of motivation and drive that people look for. This formula has led Goodlife Fitness to become the largest gym chain in Canada and the fourth in the world.

2. Maintain a presence in social networks

It may be a bit obvious, but if you keep wondering if your brand should be on social networks, cases like these answer your question. In this way, each of the success stories that were born in this project are available to the public at all times.

3. Be inclusive

The great success of the brand was to make the public feel included by eliminating the typical “aspirational” standards. In addition, it gratifies each person by sharing their experiences to inspire others.