Heineken® Thailand “Behind The Star Experience”.

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April 16, 2018
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Behind The Star Experience (Multisensorial Exhibition) an exhibition that reveals a secret of premium taste and why Heineken became a successful brand. Experiencing all 5 sensation through technology and multimedia form. Located in the centre of Bangkok city. Outer structure is a huge white cube. On the facade install LED screen in a red star design which is a signature of Heineken to lead people into an exhibition.

At the entrance, the welcome to audience with Heineken’s bottle wall. This is like a big motion graphic screen that build by a thousands of Heineken’s bottle. First room – Heritage room that will bring back to the started of Heineken. Telling a journey to became a successful brand of Heineken through 4th generations. The design of this room use projection mapping technique. Projected a moving image on timeline wall to bring stories back to life. On the stairs an audience will walk from the past to present of Heineken through advertise poster all the way to the second floor. After finish the last step you will meet a TV installation which emphasises how Heineken really focus on advertising.

On the other side of this room exhibit Heineken’s bottles and labels from the beginning until today. Second room is Natural ingredients room, audience could sense a real ingredient such as A-Yeast, Barley and Malted. Also, audience could try smell all ingredients. Third room imitate Hops yard with projection mapping technique on transparent fabric to created an experience that make audience feel like they really walking in a Hops yard. Fourth room, Horizontal Brewing Tank, the design of this room have a ball pool an audience can hop into and play. With 3D Visual Projection on panel and mirrors. The audience will become a Happy A-Yeast. Fifth room, Bottling Journey, audience put on VR glass and then become one of Heineken’s bottle travelling through all production process.

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