Graphics and Web

A sample of graphic works and web projects we have developed for our customers.

  • Top Commercials Of The Month.
  • Video storytelling / An interview with a Multimedia Designer.
  • Petros Afshar, an award winning creative designer in the heart of London.
  • Brand Positioning: The Crucial Code Top Technology Brands Must Master.
  • Network Effect is a real-time multimedia sculpture to experiment in a browser.
  • Yoga Perdana, a graphic desingner from Indonesia that achieves the perfect graphic synthesis.
  • The Most Essential (and Surprising) Social Media Statistics and Facts of 2019.
  • How Extended Privacy Regulations After GDPR Affect The Advertising
  • Internet trends, from May 6 to June 6, 2019.
  • Top Commercials Of The Month.
  • Experiments on Generative Type Design.
  • Red Bull: Stratos, one of the Best ads of the 21th Century.
  • TwoPoints.Net is a Dutch and Spanish small design company that thinks big.
  • New Study Shows that Misinformation Sees Significantly More Engagement than Real News on Facebook.
  • Mixed Reality and the Future of Ads
  • Brands, Bots & Banter – why marketers should chat
  • Internet trends, from April 23 to May 23, 2019.
  • Top Commercials Of The Month.
  • Ruslan Khasanov, designer and visual artist. His work is driven by the motto «Beauty is everywhere»
  • Oreo’s Attempts at Originality Are Ruining Its Brand Identity.
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