GoPro took a focus on Storytelling to inspire its users

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March 5, 2020
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March 17, 2020

On the GoPro site, its founder Nicholas Woodman wrote a letter stating that the company helps people capture and share their most meaningful experiences with others, to celebrate them together.

A day in the mountains with friends is more meaningful than spending it alone. Sharing our collective experiences makes our life more fun. In the letter, Nicholas points out that the most versatile cameras are the ones GoPro makes and allows its audience to share their lives through incredible photos and videos.

The main mission of GoPro is for people to feel free, celebrate and live the moment. From cameras and drones to apps and accessories, everything GoPro does is created to help consumers capture their life as they live it and share their experience with the world.

GoPro took a focus on storytelling to inspire its users and encourage them to appreciate the adventures in life and live the moment. Each of their campaigns demonstrates a wide variety of ways in which other users free themselves, live the moment and appreciate their memories with their loved ones.

GoPro products are integrated directly into social networks. This allows users to share and stream their activities live.

Share the keys to success of this campaign in your brand:

1. Emphasize sharing
Focus on your community and share your moments. GoPro is the standard of how people record themselves, engaging with their interests and their passions to share them with their network.

2. Take advantage of your products
The purpose of the GoPro is the storytelling of its consumers. It is a great success to have a product that gives voice to the consumer and allows him to share his best moments, treasure them and see them whenever he wishes. After all, the story is told alone!