Epic Split, a 100% online audiovisual campaign of extreme success

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Epic Split, a 100% online audiovisual campaign of extreme success

Some advertising campaigns are specifically designed for 100% online use, other advertising campaigns have an on/off mix in their media strategy.

There is no dogma that must be respected in relation to the subject, the central star to make decisions regarding the strategy and composition of media in a campaign is the brand and its objectives.

An example of interest is the case of the campaign of the Swedish agency Forsman & amp; Bodenfors for Volvo. The campaign was 100% online and obtained more than 100 million visits on YouTube, it won in Cannes 2014 the awards for best film for the Internet for “The Epic Split” and the Cyber ​​category, for its complete Live Test campaign of six audiovisual pieces. Within a week of launch, Epic Split had been viewed online 25 million times, and after nine days it reached 40 million views.

“Epic Split” is a 75 second long commercial released in late 2013 by Volvo Trucks. Features Jean-Claude Van Damme performing gymnastic splits between two moving trucks to Enya’s “Only Time” music. It was the sixth ad launched in the Live Test series that the Swedish advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors had created for Volvo Trucks. The runway at the closed Ciudad Real Central airport in Spain was selected as the filming location during the five-month planning period.

The creative idea was to carry out extreme tests of the relevant characteristics of the product, in a live configuration, where a successful result could never be guaranteed. In this way, the widest possible audience could be excited and attracted while providing a valid demonstration of the new truck. If live testing could spark enough (massive) interest, then buyers could be reached.

Enya’s music “Only Time” re-entered the Billboard Top 100 reaching number 43, thirteen years after the original release.

An initial international follow-up market research survey by GfK found Epic Split to be the most attention-grabbing audiovisual piece of the six ads in the Live Test series, but less effective than the other five in provoking action immediate from viewer.

Neuroscientific analysis showed that female viewers were more intrigued and engaged during Van Damme’s pirouette; while male viewers sympathized with the pain he possibly was feeling, which subsequently led to high memory encoding effectiveness at the precise point where the “Volvo Dynamic Steering” message was displayed.

At the end of 2014, overall campaign production was estimated to have cost between $ 3-4 million and generated $ 170 million in revenue for Volvo.

At the time of this writing, the series of 6 commercials has been seen by more than 200 million people in 7 years, not counting the videos of parodies and memes that have circulated on the networks. It is a success at the brand level and at the level of conversion capacity.