Coca-Cola storytelling an incredible campaign that connects with the public

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February 27, 2020
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March 2, 2020

This is a brand that everyone knows: the giant of the Coca-Cola industry. The company has perfectly segmented and located its audience, knows it well and knows where it is, so it understands how and what to offer at any time.

Your “Share a Coca-Cola” campaign is an example. To a simple idea he added a bit of storytelling, in this case the proper names on the soda cans, and turned it into an incredible campaign that connects with the public.

Share the keys to success of this campaign in your brand:

1. Know your market

The company knows the public and how their preferences, needs and habits change over time. Adapt your brand to what the market demands at the moment. Its marketing director Aedemar Howlett explained it well for the Eurobest of 2017: when it comes to storytelling, your audience has to feel identified with what you are going to tell. How will you make the public feel identified with your brand if you don’t know it well?

2. Get your audience to participate

Coca-Cola always finds a way to take this to the next level. A clear example is his Augmented Reality campaign: it allowed the user to bring his own daily life, accompanied by the stories of the animated characters created by Coca-Cola; To do this, he used the Coca-Cola can as a background prop, present in each scenario proposed by the user.