Create your own choreography, with the help of machine learning and image processing.

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October 6, 2020
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October 23, 2020

What happens when you combine artificial intelligence with the archive of an award-winning choreographer?

Google Arts & Culture Lab collaborated with Wayne McGregor to turn his archive into a creative tool using machine learning. Now anyone, anywhere, can be inspired by McGregor’s work to create their own dance piece.

Create your own choreography

Living Archive uses U-MAP to map nearly half a million moving moments from Wayne McGregor’s 25-year archive and organizes them by visual similarity.

Pick a selection of poses and connect them to create your own choreography piece here:

Create your own Choreography, click here

Are you feeling adventurous?

Strike a pose with your camera to find your closest match in the archive here.

Make a pose with your camera to find your partner, click here

How did Wayne use the file in his creative process?

McGregor used a more advanced choreography tool, trained on 100 hours of video footage of his work, in creating the Living Archive: a performance experiment. The play premiered on the LA Phil in July 2019.

He also worked with artist and filmmaker Ben Cullen-Williams to create AI-generated visualizations for the performance, using a tool developed in the lab. Explore the tool here.

Explore the tool, click here

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