On Design

May 4, 2021

The design work of Jessica Walsh, a NYC designer & art director.

Jessica Walsh is a designer & art director working as a partner at NYC based design firm Sagmeister & Walsh. She lectures about design at creative conferences and universities internationally. She teaches design & typography at The School of Visual Arts in NYC.
April 10, 2021

The unique package design of the CHAD MICHAEL STUDIO

The design of packaging and labels is definitely an art, a utilitarian art but no less art than others, in a way it has the objective of generating visual pleasure and communicating attributes ... which is also a message. Definitely to design product packaging and labels the designers must have talent so that the results of the designs add value to the product development work. In this order of ideas CHAD MICHAEL STUDIO do their work very well, is a design studio based in Dallas, TX, USA, specializing in unique package design, product development, and attractive branding. "Crafted under scrutiny for the uncommon".
March 30, 2021

Yoga Perdana, a graphic desingner from Indonesia that achieves the perfect graphic synthesis.

Yoga Perdana, a graphic designer from Indonesia that achieves the perfect synthesis in his graphic concepts. Illustrator & Logo designer. Its exquisite taste and ability to synthesize is perfect for graphic work with brands. Here we share part of his work.
March 16, 2021

Patrick Dufour: Make ideas happen…Think outside the box :)

In the early 1990s, Patrick Dufour thought of an invention: coloured shaving foam/cream, orange, yellow, green, purple, etc...Patrick eventually registered this idea in 2008 with the B.O.I.P (Benelux Office for Intellectual Property). Patrick recently discovered that a similar product, but somewhat different was created in 2013. That´s why Patrick thought that it was high time to publicly expose his versión. And now Patrick has a very special challenge for all designers. Normally, a product attracts publicity. Patrick tries the opposite: advertising that leads to the real creation of the imagined virtual object. How? By summoning the designers to make their proposals and obtain in Behance publicity making the designs public (through appreciations) estimates that a company in the field will end up seeing this product, and interested in its potential, will manufacture it. So, a utopia? Many projects started with a utopia in mind. Here what the Behance platform designers was do.
March 9, 2021

Federico Landini a graphic designer based in Florence, Italy.

Federico Landini is a graphic designer. Based in Florence, Italy, Federico has developed impressively many projects with a balance between the aesthetic and the communicational. We invite you to see his excellent graphic work!
February 12, 2021

Yurko Gutsulyak and his graphic design studio in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Yurko Gutsulyak has been working in the graphic design industry since 2005. Due to the success of his projects, he founded his own graphic design studio […]
September 21, 2020

Maria Grønlund is a Danish based visual artist with focus on proportions.

Maria Grønlund is a Danish based visual artist working with branding, logo design and digital art based in Lystrup, Denmark. Maria was awarded witn Honorable Mention […]
May 1, 2020

Kévin Ferreira’s “Imaginary Art” mixes fiction and reality.

Kévin Ferreira is a digital artist born in Dordogne, France and currently based in Bordeaux. It was during my childhood that my creative mind began to […]
February 5, 2020

Trending Illustration Styles 2020

Illustration has come a long way from simply denoting sketching on paper. New and evolving tools mean artists can work more quickly and continually experiment with […]