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November 16, 2020

Referral Marketing What is it? How does it work?

The normal behavior of human beings is to ask their acquaintances for opinions about a product or service before consuming it. This reinforcement becomes advice and the consumer feels calmer and more confident in making the decision to consume a product or service. This is always usual, but in the world of B2B business much more. Think about it, when a consumer wants to buy a chocolate they almost never ask their friends what chocolate to buy. However, when it comes to hiring a service company or making an acquisition of a business asset, a person would always ask their friend or a professional they respect for a reference. This behavioral presence around referrals can be a gold mine for a B2B brand if they figure out how to put it to use within their marketing strategies...
February 17, 2021

Relevance is key for a sales funnel to work

Inbound marketing is an effective model that helps us understand how the consumption of products and services operates. One of the great advantages of this work model, operated on the technology available today is the "hyper-segmentation" that we can make of the target market and the possibility of identifying the correct audience, all this in order to be able to be "relevant ”my advertising message and my sales actions. The need for brands to be "relevant" to a market segment forces them to have "empathy" with their target market and make efforts to understand them deeply. It is for this reason that the term "insight" in marketing is not just another word, it is a word that involves essential study processes for a brand and its marketing initiatives to be "relevant" to the target audience.
March 24, 2020

Management of a brand during the pandemic.

The following article was published when the world began to face the Covid 19 pandemic. Much has happened since those days when it was not known what facing the pandemic implied and by now we are adapted to a greater or lesser extent to the new normal. However, it is very useful as a guide to the measures that a brand should adopt to face collective crises such as the one that we have had to face since we believe that it will not be the first or last time that collectively we will have to experience this type of situation, either locally or globally.
September 4, 2020

What You Don’t Know, a 3D virtual experience with music.

Immerse yourself in the creative process of avant-garde artist Matthew Dear and his new single What You Don’t Know...
March 25, 2021

Decoding a buyer’s decisions during their journey through the sales funnel

There is a direct relationship between the complexity of a buyer’s behavior, as they travel through the sales funnel, and the number of online shopping options that currently exist for each product category. In this environment, buyers make decisions in a rather messy and increasingly complex way. We know, for example, that what happens between the end point of the process (purchase trigger) and the process of deciding to purchase is not linear. Also that there is a complex network of contact points with possible options that vary from person to person. However, what is less clear to us is how buyers process all the investigated information and the criteria that ultimately validate the final purchase. Consumer access to media and information has led to the growth of important influences that do not fit within the traditional approach to brand marketing. This has great implications for brands large and small, since it is possible that because they do not understand the change that is taking place in consumption patterns, their marketing initiatives do not have the ROI that they could potentially have. Of course, figuring out what consumers think and how they behave is not a new Idea. It is an aspiration that has always been at the heart of marketing. But, as we are about to discover, the context in which marketers try to achieve this goal has changed dramatically.
August 28, 2020
Types Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Types Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

There is no doubt that social networks have become one of the platforms for brands. However, the protagonists are more than social networks themselves; they are the influencers who work on them. Influencers are people with a high level of popularity and charisma within the online world. Because of this, they manage to increase sales and enhance the image of many brands. However, there are different types of influencers, both according to the type of content they publish and their reach. Because of them, a wide range of possible campaigns of influencer marketing exists. This post will focus on identifying the most successful ways to collaborate for your influencer marketing campaign.
October 26, 2020

Importance of video content for brand advertising.

Much has been said about the importance of videos in a brand's marketing strategy, however, let's talk more specifically. Are videos important as part of an effective brand communication strategy? Let's listen to the market.
December 2, 2019

What is a multichannel marketing plan?

What is a multichannel marketing plan? ...and why do you need one? Knowing where to start, how to structure a plan, is often the most difficult part of planning, especially if you aren’t experienced in creating plans. You may already have a plan or several plans in place, and will be thinking you don't need a multichannel marketing plan. Depending on the type and scale of business you may have all kinds of different plans, both business wide and for individual channels where different people are responsible for each.
August 18, 2020
Keys to making videos to project your brand

Keys to making videos to project your brand

A video, when well produced, allows you to be concise in your message and capture the audience's interest in the first few seconds. Remember that in these modern times your audience rarely has unlimited time to make contact with your brand. Your audience only has MICRO-MOMENTS in most cases. Statistics comment that the audience gives you a period of up to 10 seconds to give you the opportunity to captivate in order to view a complete message. We are convinced that this statistic is very generous, we have seen in Internet consumption statistics of most of our clients that they will give you a maximum 5 seconds of opportunity to convince yourself to continue viewing the message relate to your brand.