BMW KINETIC SCULPTURE – THE SHAPES OF THINGS TO COME was the key visual of the advertising campaign.

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714 metal balls hanging from fine metal threads form a field of six square meters, in which they move in the interplay of mechanics, electronics and code.

Kinetic sculpture translates the process of form finding in vehicle design into a seven-minute metaphorical narration. Initially, the installation shows a chaotic state: The shape is still not found. The balls move independently of each other and give the impression of a spatial white noise. From this, the first geometrical shapes are formed, which anticipate the outlines of the car models, which will be shown later. Then quasi-competitive forms come off and finally culminate in the outline of a final car model. This narration repeats itself several times, thus telling the process of creating five iconic BMWs of the present and the past.

Kinetic Sculpture was the key visual of the integrated campaign that accompagnies the limousines market launch.

The mechatronical installation was created for the BMW Museum in Munich, where it opens the exhibiton round tour. As it caused lots of buzz and won several design awards, BMW decided to base the campaign visually on the sculpture. Thus the same motif is introduced worldwide for the first time.


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