Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas

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Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas

Augmented Reality Marketing is being used by many brands to enhance their awareness, increase sales, improve customer experience and much more. It is not just a gimmick as it was 4-5 years ago. There are many ways to utilize augmented reality and allow them to stay as brand loyal advocates.

We will share with you how Playme AR Creator is able to allow you to do all these 14 amazing marketing ideas using the Augmented Reality as a leverage tool to better excite and engage customers through digitalisation.

Those that are not familiar with what augmented reality really is check out a summarised one below:

  • An augmented reality enabled Prints allows Digital Content to come alive through the Playme AR App.
  • It’s is a separate reality overlaying on top of a reality item such as flyers, prints, posters, packaging, billboards and more.
  • The added digital interactivity and also experience excites users about your product & leaves a great reminder bout the brand.
  • Augmented reality experience enabled products or services converts a higher percentage than other mediums.
  • Augmented reality allows products, prints and etc to come alive with animations, 3D, videos and more!
  • Amazing thing is, your users can see all this with a smartphone device which almost everyone has one already.
  • One more thing, Digital & Amazing content is consumed almost daily and augmented reality is bringing it over to prints!

So we’re ready for the precious ideas? Lets get to it.

1. Entice users with exciting AR videos.

This is placed on the top of the list because due to the high effectiveness of Video Advertising for brands and also retainability.  There is a reason why Television advertising rate is high and also Youtube is attracting so many traffic to its site. It is said that video advertising will continue to grow into 2017 and beyond as one of the fastest growing digital advertising platform back in 2012.

Now you can add augmented reality videos on to your print advertisement to allow viewers to see the videos instantaneously without looking or searching for your brand videos. It is statistically shown that viewers remember more of the video than pictures and text. It is recorded that 73% of consumers will more likely make a purchase after watching a video. This is why marketing departments are changing their content development to feature more of video advertising or video generation to entice the high demand of video.

Out of the 1,000 respondents, as much as 96% mentioned that video was helpful when making purchasing decisions. At another junction, 87% found that businesses with videos are helpful for further research into the services or products of the same brand. The other section are video tutorials, guidelinesand etc that 93% responded with amazing positiveness! Albeit the small sample, it gives insight into how business and brands uses video to inform and guide them both in the pre-purchase and also in the post-purchase is equally encouraging. We also see many companies are product placement in movies to subconsciously remind consumers.

Guess what, you can easily add videos overlaying your print advertising, This is easily done with our Playme AR Creator that your designers, or even single moms can drag & drop to attach videos to certain print designs. Try it now for free!

2. Addon Images onto prints to increase effectiveness.

The next one on the list must have been predicted. After the video, pictures would have high conversion and also higher retention rate than common text and etc. Augmented Reality can extend the print with additional linked images to give users a perspective look at the product or services. It can be a photo with links to booking the product, buying the product or even to give more insights on the product and services.

We have also seen brands optimising their images and photos to improve understanding and according to a research by MDG advertising it is seen thatcontent featuring compelling images averages 94% more total views than those without images. It gives a large picture of how advertising featuring images appear to capture attention more from those without images.

Based on surveys to consumers, they mentioned that high-quality images are influencing their purchasing behaviours. Clear, high-quality images are considered to effective influencing and also important by 67% of consumers and it carries more weight than the product description, information, and explanation.

With this in mind, Playme AR Creator allows business owners, marketing leaders to augment their prints, product packaging and etc with additional linked graphical contents. This can be used to unlock additional graphic products, images or hidden coupons to entice users.

Here’s also another idea for augmented reality junkies.


3. Image Capture Augmented Reality Experiences to Share on Social.

Augmented Reality experience is best shared and enjoyed with everyone and what better way to do it with social media and sharing directly with friends! The best marketing or advertising in this age leverages on the social networks to improve brand reach and awareness and to create a more personable audience engagement.

Having the Augmented Reality Marketing idea being shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or much more takes the advantage of high social visibility and peer recommendations. This in the end gives more bang for the buck in your ads and allows business to have more exposure from the public users point of view.

Campaigns can be made with augmented reality to allow users to snap selfies and share on social media to stand a chance to win something and also to allow users to be able to see the experiences their friends is seeing on the social network and more.

Once a friend share something interesting it gives the brand a notice and people can talk about it and also remind the public users about the brand. Remember having the masses share and promote a certain experience is much better than in your face advertising.

Augmented Reality gives everyone a reason to share “cool”, “exciting”, “interesting” things with friends, So brands like Starbucks, Mcdonalds, and more have used Augmented Reality to promote their brands through creative Christmas campaigns, and games. So try exploring on where Augmented Reality can be included into your marketing campaigns now.

4. Allow customers to contact you easily with Click-to-Call.

We’ve all been through the road where we saw an advertisement but failed to remember the number of the business or service. Augmented reality allows users to easily scan the advert and push a button to easily call the business premise. This is a little awkward for many but in time AR will grow to be more fluid and smoother to allow faster interaction and engagement from ads that matters to us. Having that extra benefits and reducing obstacles for customers allows business to convert much better and improve the marketing channel.

Have a call to action button on the advert with an augmented reality button, it can be an image of a product that activates the call button or even a person with a “call us” button on top of their head. Its all possible with Augmented Reality overlaying their print adverts.

5. Adding Location & Lead your customers using GPS!

Having a business in a certain area with many other competing business could confuse your interested customers. Sometimes businesses have more than one outlets and it really helps if customers have GPS to go directly to your store. Most phones have a built in Google Maps that allows users to easily navigate to your shop. However adding the address and coordinates is a hassle.

Augmented Reality allows marketing with print ads easy with a click of a button, customers can easily call out Google Maps to go directly to your coordinates that is already preset with the Playme AR Creator. This allows customers to easily “get directions” capability to their desired outlets or branch.

Its no longer sufficient to place address on print ads but also to allow the ads to assist possible customers to connect to you easily with technology!

6. Capture leads with links to your landing page or promo page.

This is another set of marketing ideas to add into the print ads with the help of augmented reality. This feature is so popular that when Smartphones was gaining tractions, marketers already build digital ads to have a mobile capability to capture leads on smartphone browsers. Leads allows marketing executives to collect data and also to build audiences around a certain campaign or promotion.

Lead pages allows business and marketers to create various campaigns such as register to download, register to claim promos, sign up for early bookings and customer feedbacks.

The key is to align it with the print design and add the added features and interactivity with augmented reality. Augmented reality is to allow print ads to convert better and allow marketers to get better conversions over the traditional prints.

Keeping it simple to a few inputs allows better conversion, no one wants to spend minutes to fill a form within an ad so simplicity is the key to higher conversions.

Let me give you an example, a newspaper print ad wants to know if there is interest in their new product line, so marketing team adds an AR to allow users to fill in a simple name, email and interest dropdown form of the interested colour of the new product. Users are diverted to the brand landing page and fills up. Once done the landing page assures that they are within the waiting list and a coupon code is given to their email so once the New Car is up and running they can claim the code. This allows the marketing team to understand what colour sells better and have higher requests.

So plan away for your next print ads.

7. Enhancing with a 360 degree view of the product/service.

This is an interesting take into the real-estate industry, 360 degree view is nothing new of sorts with Google Streetview taking the world stage. However, Augmented Reality 360 allows property marketing team to add this capability directly into their property print ads, brochures, posters and pamphlets.

Allowing customers to view 360 degree views enables customers to discover the venue and property as if they are standing there experiencing the location and such. Guestcentric studies shows that with interactive media and also a possibility to add in 360 view of products, and premises keeps customers sticky longer than average time and hold their attention longer. Marketing is a success if a product/service is able to keep attention for a longer period.

A site with a 360 virtual tour and interactive media will receive 40% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking media” (Source: Pew Internet Life Study).

Example of this use case is definitely in the real estate but not only confined to a physical property industry, it can be applied to Yachts, Automobiles, Interior Designers, hotels, and much more!

8. 3D Augmented Reality to visualise the products.

3-Dimensional objects are a great addition to marketing. Print advertising has always been trying to add 3D objects on to the adverts with graphical content and visualisation to always mesmerise the customers. Augmented reality allows marketers to easily add 3D content overlaying the print adverts and captivate the users with a more engaging digital content.

This application can be added onto many industries, namely property, products, tourism, and much more. The 3D allows users to explore the possibility of the product in a live form and also giving the customers more understanding over the project or product.

Lego did a campaign and saw an increase in sales conversion when augmented reality was used in the case and many other case studies have shown the when 3D is used, buyers don’t mind the extra payment to attain the object and product.

9. Hidden Content overlaying the Print Advertisement unlocking Coupons & Promos.

Augmented Reality is a tool that can bridge the gap between offline and online which allows unlimited possibilities with our current marketing campaign. The idea of locking up the advertising with a coupon to give customers unlocking provides a little gamification element that allows them to hunt for the advertising and hopes of finding more coupons or hidden content.

This is applicable for magazine print ads that allows users to unlock the content with the augmented reality which then allows them to collect the coupon with a snap or a screenshot. Marketers can also add a special request that only coupon shared are able to be claimed.

10. Adding a buy-button into the print ads for e-commerce.

E-commerce is a big deal and as many users are browsing the internet through smartphone devices, will your print ad go without a buy button linking back to your advertisers pages? How about brands thinking of adding a connectivity function into their existing print ads. Having augmented reality adding a buy button allows users to easily scan at the aforementioned product or services and straight they can proceed to shopping cart and check out.

Playme AR creator is able to allow users to easily add their augmented reality buttons onto their print designs. Having a simple augmented reality picture of the product with a buy button below creates a very important reach as now print can also divert traffic back to the brands’ page.

E-commerce capability are now able to be spilled into traditional print ads with the help of augmented reality and soon in the future all papers will be coming to life with Playme AR!


Here’s our final verdict for the 10 Brilliant Augmented Reality, we believe they are as good as your execution and not to be left in the black and dark closet at home. These ideas are just a window into the unlimited possibilities of AR and also how it can help your brands’ marketing value. Hope you found some nice info from this blog and also we challenge you to a much better and more creative ways of using Playme AR app!