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bsomultimedia.com is an Internet-based virtual advertising agency with an in-house production, formed by a network of communication, advertising, media and technology specialists, distributed in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

bsomultimedia.com is pretty much like a traditional ad agency without the confines of traditional office walls. Our team work from home offices and remote facilities and are in constant communication, connected virtually the entire workday. This allows us to keep our costs focused on our clients instead of on a receptionist, building rent, fancy conference room, furniture, office equipment, etc.
Through bsomultimedia.com you will have a combined experience of our staff such us: creative writers, directors and film producers, radio and TV, animators, illustrators, art directors, photographers, composers and music producers, sound engineers, voice over talents and actors, media specialists, web designers and programmers, specialists in internet marketing and social networking for your brand at the tip of your fingers.
bsomultimedia.com, offers you the creative talent and experience of its team and its state-of-the-art technology. We have published projects in the U.S., Latin America and Europe, and we have worked for major brands and companies such as General Motors, Fluenz, Johnson & Johnson, DYMO, VR-12, Schering-Plough, Snacks América Latina, Key2learning, Freezetone, Polar, Brahma, Jeep, Ama de Casa, Head & Shoulders, Unilever, Oscar Mayer, Merck, Carrier, Naturhouse, Volkswagen, Lufthansa, Bayer, Las llaves, IRWIN Tools, Mercedes-Benz, Plumrose, Toyota, Motorola, Cemex, Frito Lay, Sony, Pantene, Welch Allyn, Old Spice, Construrama, Carte D’or, HBO, A&E and Discovery Channel.
We have developed the Virtual Production Suite, a set of Internet cutting-edge tools, that allows you to interact with the bsomultimedia.com team from anywhere in the world you find yourself in (office, home, car, hotel, etc. from your computer, laptop or mobile device) and this tool allows you to be involved in all stages of your project. You can go online to check or discuss the status of any project, view and download current or prior versions of any on-going projects, approve estimates, view invoices, search archives and so much more. All this while meeting the advertisement requirements of your brand and using the latest computer security systems that guarantee the confidentiality of your information.
The bsomultimedia.com work system allows us a great deal of flexibility that translates into outstanding work and exceptional service that our clients love.
bsomultimedia.com offers you a comprehensive service as an online advertising agency, virtually present wherever you are, so you can achieve the goals of your brand at a reasonable cost, without wasting time, and keeping optimum quality as your top priority with maximum security and confidentiality.
Allow your brand to communicate differently and stand out in the market, with bsomultimedia.com, the multimedia artist network for your brand communications.

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